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Hey, I'm Danny!

Motion Designer + Visual Effects Artist

I am a Motion Designer and Visual Effects Artist living in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.  As most of us in this industry, I jump into lots of other roles.  I direct, VFX supervise, illustrate, graphic design, 3d model, character animate and  probably a few more things that I forgot.  When I'm not hunched over my computer I like to play with my kids, hang out with my wife, skateboard, snowboard, golf, and play Nintendo with my greyhounds laying nearby like big sacks of potatoes.

Lets meet for a coffee or a drink, and make cool stuff together!

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Here's what I use!

After Effects



Cinema 4d



DaVinci Resolve

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I have been working in Pittsburgh doing Motion Design, Animation, and Visual Effects for over 10 years.  I have worked on everything from national campaigns, to music videos and everything in between.

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania